Today is the second anniversary of this TacomaHistory.wordpress blog. In the last year, 60 new stories have been added to the 270 total posts exploring the city’s further adventures, tragedies, triumphs and follies. We have profiled good people and bad and followed the events and misadventures of characters that both praise and dis this place we call home. 76,135 views have been recorded in 2017 bringing the site’s total since launch to 134, 838. There have been hundreds of comments, corrections and scolds sent our way via the blog, Facebook and Twitter.

Just want to take a moment and recognize the vital role the Tacoma Public Library, Washington State Historical Society, University of Washington Digital Collections, HistoryLink and many other public archives play in telling our shared stories and understanding our collective past. I’m not sure wisdom or the better aspects of human nature are ever easy to recognize or find but if we want to go searching I think the past is a good place to start. Its why we have memories and libraries and the stories we tell each other.

The most popular new stories last year were


Alternative Facts 1943

NEON WARS ,  Parts 1 & 2


Hate Crime, December 7, 1964

Still Chasing the Story

View From the Top

Hard Core

Chasing the Story

Kit House

The most popular sites overall are;

31 Flavors

The Ancient


Way Back-History as Hidden Code

Gone to Market

Tacoma’s Grandest Secret Space

Nihonmachi, ca. 1920

Olmsted’s Phantom City

Brown Spots

Alternative Facts, 1943

The Day the Old Days Died

Market Street Ghost




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