Revisiting Recaptured City

Here’s a post from May 2013 introducing a project we ended up calling Recaptured City. You can visit the entire project at Recaptured City on Facebook.
I had a student last quarter who did his research paper around a series of image melds that blended current images with historic photos. Here is an amazing merge of the fire at the Davis Smith & Co. (GWP) building at Pacific Avenue & 19th on February 24, 1908 and today’s centerpiece of the UWT Campus. With a huge crowd gathered below Lt. George Hill, Engine Co. No. 4, was killed falling from a ladder from the fifth floor. This was a major event in Tacoma firefighting history. In addition, five other firefighters were injured and six employees suffered burns. Engine Co. No. 5’s hose wagon overturned on the way to the fire seriously injuring firefighters who nevertheless righted the wagon and continued to the fire to render assistance. I love the way this image evokes the ghosts of what once was and enriches the sense of place UWT imparts to our city. Leaving class late at night there have been times when I could swear I sensed the faint smell of smoke walking through the GWP building.
Photo credit to Mr. Andy Cox

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