Tick of Time

A magnificent moment away from the hard work of plowing the rocky ground of Cromwell on Wollochet Bay in 1908. There is a sense of the moment in the way the boy’s hand is barely touching the smooth worn handle on the plow and in the shadow of a ferry and its trail of smoke passing behind the child on its way from Fox Island in the distance. An instant later the reins were snapped, the boy’s grip was tightened and the brut pull of the big white horse was roused but for this tick of time they all paused to look straight into the camera. Time and place posed.

The community was named in 1902 for John B. Cromwell, who was appointed post master of Tacoma in 1899. Cromwell had a post office from March of 1903 to September of 1931. The 1889 Atlas of Pierce County showed it as a place.Cromwell plowing


    1. That is Point Fosdick in the background, Jeff and it looks like the ferry landing there. Cromwell has a landing too.


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