Puyallup Carnies

So its 1930 and the audience in the grandstand at the Puyallup Fair is buzzing with excitement before the big show. A group of performers take time for a photo, posing with a bear that seems to be hiding behind indifference-or perhaps embarrassment because once the show begins…well anything for applause. Perhaps stupid tricks performed by animals can be upstaged by those done by people. Check out the images of acts from the 30’s and 40’s and you decide. You have to wonder about fish girl in there with the sea lions or the three guys who did a leapfrog act. So is he method acting there in the role of Larry of Arabia. And what sort of NRA membership status do you get if you shoot yourself out of a gun? Images from the hillarious and weird Puyallup Fair photo collection at the Tacoma Public Library Northwest Room

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