Magic 2

Another reason to visit Harbor Lights. LaMoyne Barcott Hreha managed the Harbor Lights restaurant which was opened by her family in 1958. In addition to doing food she did magic and ventriloquism completing the trifecta of invaluable life skills. Anyone who has their picture taken by a studio photographer with a dummy is fearless in my book.

So I posted this back on September 25, 1913 and in the comments…..

Dave Lisiecki Wow, it gets better: the Northwest Room says LaMoyne and her husband John Hreha “…won the best comedy act award at the 1953 Convention of Pacific Coast Association of Magicians….The “Vanishing Skunk” starred in many of his performances.”

magic 1

Barry McColeman passed this Wikipedia link on as more background on these magicians

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  1. There could be a book on our Tacoma area restauranting families – not an easy business. Lamoyne also had her own “Mama Lamoyne’s” restaurant at the top of Old City Hall, late 70’s early 80’s. Fortunately, OCH had escaped (narrowly) demolition 20 years earlier.


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