The King and I, 1913

On the right we have the unshakable Mr. Calvin Washburn standing next to a 76 pound King salmon caught near Friday Harbor in the San Juan Islands in 1913. Granted he is outweighed and undersized by comparison but you have to give Calvin credit for bravely standing up to the king as if to speak truth to power. You can see it in his eyes. Wonderful image that could come from nowhere else on earth than the Pacific Northwest.

King and boy

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  1. This was my uncle “Cal” Washburn, a much-loved brother to my paternal grandmother, Grace “Dolly (Washburn) Dillon. I was privileged to know him in my youth is he is much missed since passing away in 1978. I have other photos of him with this fish on that day and also of the local Friday Harbor photographer who took them if anyone is interested.


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