Alternative Facts, 1943

This short piece of explanatory propaganda, produced in 1943, comes from the the Office of War Information and the War Relocation Authority. It documents and rationalizes the removal and internment of more than 110,000 west coast residents of Japanese descent, most of them American citizens. It is a chilling look at how the government justified the taking of liberty and basic civil rights during wartime. The narration is provided by Milton S. Eisenhower who ironically served as the first director of the WRA  and resigned after only ninety days due to personal opposition to mass relocation and the Federal Reserve Bank’s refusal to protect internees property. He was the associate director of the Office of War Information when he made this film and his skepticism for both the relocation program and the script is noticeable. The film was never widely distributed to the public.


Milton S Eisenhower was the younger brother of Dwight D Eisenhower, who at the time of this film was serving at Ft. Lewis. His brother Edgar was a practicing attorney in Tacoma and his nephew John was attending Stadium High School.

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