Scary House

No matter how realistic the special effects or dazzling the CGI enhanced visuals in a film or video I still think the spoken word, a well told story and a good imagination make for the most powerful theatrical experience. And when we are talking scary, a convincing storyteller’s voice, good background sounds and a dark room are the most deeply disturbing dive into terror that anyone can take.

This is the most terrifying half and hour of radio I have ever heard. Put on headphones, turn off the lights and……….


This program first ran on KMO radio in Tacoma on December 5, 1946. The episode begins with the detective Sam Spade telling a story within the story. This trick was used by Dashiell Hammett to insert a story about a Tacoma man named Flitcraft into his novel the Maltese Falcon.

suspense old time radio show logo


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