The Mythologist


The man had style didn’t he? At 22 Ezra Meeker’s idea of a road trip was a half continent wagon ride with his wife over the Oregon trail- almost a decade before the Civil War and only six years after the Puget Sound region became American soil. In his late sixties he went to Alaska and the Klondike- four times. He traveled over the Oregon Trail in a wagon, an automobile, an airplane and on foot. At 76 he hitched a wagon to a team of oxen and returned over the Oregon Trail from west to east all the way to New York City and then Washington D.C. where he was welcomed at the White House by President Roosevelt. He repeated the overland journey twice more.Then in 1924, when he was 94, he flew again over the trail in an open cockpit plane landing in Dayton Ohio to meet Orville Wright before flying on to DC for a meeting with President Calvin Coolidge. I know Paul Bunyan, Pecos Bill and Johnny Appleseed are all fabled American heroes but I’ll take my legend looking like lead guitar for ZZ Top sitting in a Ford roadster with bugs in the few teeth left in his head completely ready for another road trip.

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  1. Simply astonishing. Gives me chills just thinking about what it must have been like for him to peer down from an airplane and observe the Trail from that perspective…at 94 no less.


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